Defenders, Zack Snyder, and Wonder Woman OH MY!

August 17, 2017

Old Man Wade and his friend Greg talk about what we loved and hated about Marvel Netflix shows, Batman V Superman, and just comic movies and shows in general. Kick back and enjoy  some escapism. #DammitWade


Old Man Quickie OR Don’t be an A-Hole

August 9, 2017

Old Man Wade talks about how nuclear war benefits no one and hurts innocent people, idiot internet trolls, how to deal with annoying kids in stores, and the disgusting, irritating things people do on public transportation. Satisfaction in less than 25 minutes. #DammitWade


Our Beautiful Black Skin

July 31, 2017

Old Man Wade and Ms. Lady of the Remember to Hit Record Podcast ( discuss Gilbert Arenas' comments about Lupita Nyong'o and dark skinned women. We also talk colorism within the black community and supporting black endeavors.


Mental Health or The Vitamin D!

July 25, 2017

The Inaugural Old Man Wade Show! Old Man Wade and guest Paul of the Wednesday Podcast ( talk about mental health and share some stories. It's not too heavy

Theme music is an original Axestrumental created by BattleAxe.

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