Politics As Usual OR Feeding The Negativity Machine

November 15, 2017
Old Man Wade and Supa Woke Javi discuss politics. Hold on, we talk about how #democrats and #republicans both suck. We also dsicuss the grey areas and the importance of voting for more than just the race for presidency. #DammitWade

The Book Of Friday: Hip-Hop And Race

November 7, 2017

Old Man Wade and return guests LadyBeas.t and Mrs. Old Man Wade talk about Hip Hop. Somehow the conversation turns into our first encounters with racism. A fun episode that will also make you think a bit. #DammitWade


Shut Up, Dance, And Live Your Dreams

November 1, 2017

Old Man Wade and special guest Lady Beast (Ladybeas.t on Instagram) discuss her time as a dancer, living your dreams, and the hard work it takes to work on your goals, achieve your goals, and staying on top! Old Man Wade's wife chimes in. #DammitWade


No Trick Zone: An A For Effort

October 30, 2017

Old Man Wade and return guests Just Greg and Supa Woke Javi discuss relationships. We go into dating and being married, why how many people a women has slept with doesn't matter, trying to date in this day and age, letting people eat cake (yes, THAT cake), and listener comments and questions.


Golden State Warriors…Again?

October 26, 2017

Old Man Wade and return guest Didddy (HoodDiddy) discuss the dominant Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors future dominance and if the league isn't promoting other teams enough, and future NBA Awards. It's another fun one! #DammitWade.


When The East is in the house OH MY GAWD…UGH!

October 22, 2017

Old Man Wade and his best buddy Didddy (TRIPLE D) discuss the NBA Eastern Conference, realisitic expectations of some of the good and REALLY bad teams, and who has the bigger upside; ‎Giannis Antetokounmpo or Karl-Anthony Towns. It's a fun and goofy ride! #DammitWade


Race and Comic Books OR The Blue Marvel Podcast

October 4, 2017

Old Man Wade and return guest Super Woke Javi discuss race in and out of comic books. Also, we talk about one of the smartest and strongest characters in comic books; BLUE MARVEL! His origin story and how it relates to race relations. #DammitWade


Black Nerds Ranting OR Politics and Comics

September 29, 2017

Old Man Wade and guest Super Woke Javi discuss polics in comic books, black superheroes, was Tony Stark 100% wrong in Civil War 1, and so much more! If you love comic books and or politics, you'll LOVE this one. #DammitWade


The Punisher Podcast

September 20, 2017

Old Man Wade and return guest Fletcher dork it out about Frank Castle a.k.a. Punisher. We discuss the AMAZING comic book run Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis, what makes Punisher a great character, and other Punisher related topics. Right on time for the Netflix Punisher trailer! #DammitWade


From Firefly to 4Chan

September 13, 2017

Old Man Wade and one of his closet friends Fletch talk the glorious show that is Firefly. Somehow that turns into a conversation about the government, pharmaceutical companies, affordable health care...and 4chan. Just go with it. #DammitWade