Bury Me in Snu Snu

July 10, 2018

This is the dorkiest episode we've done so far. After Old Man Wade rants about Star Lord's irresponsible actions in Avengers: Infinity War, Supa Woke Javi and special guest The Ned Nurse defend his actions. Then, we get into the gift and the curse of having sex with superpowers. Ned and Supa Woke Javi bring science to the topic while Old Man Wade brings comic book moments. Like I said, it's VERY dorky. Hashtag #DammitWade when you share it.



Infinity Codpiec and the Man Stance

July 5, 2018

This is what happens when three married couples come on the show. We talk about embarrassing stories, what a man stance is, and how we react differently to certain alcohols. We also get into marriage proposals, the C-word, Old Man Wade being stubborn, and what we would do with the Infinity Codpiece...I mean Infinity Gauntlet. It's a hilarious episode. Tell a friend and hashtag #DammitWade when you share it.


Until All the Dragons Are Dead

June 27, 2018

The "Dragon slaying Jedi Ninja" Slade Ham joins Old Man Wade to talk about a plethora of topics. We talk about his book Until All the Dragons Are Dead, Deadpool, the origin of Whiskey Brothers, getting out of toxic relationships, being happy within yourself, Slade destroying a heckler, and so much more!

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Slade's book, Until All the Dragons Are Dead on amazon.com. It's a hilarious read that takes you on more than a few journeys. Make sure you pick it up


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Your Place for Character Carnage

June 20, 2018

The guys from Amalga-Mania join the Old Man Wade Show! Honestly, we just talk comic book stuff. Old Man Wade talks Deadpool’s greatness, Ian defends Juggernaut, and Justin uses his vast knowledge of comic books to tell them both what is what. We also talk about the Deadpool 2 movie and so much more. Enjoy, people. ALSO! Check the Old Man Wade Show Facebook page for contest prizes!!!!


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Suicide isn’t the answer

June 14, 2018

This entire episode is dedicated to mental health. Old Man Wade talks about his suicide attempt, cry for help, and how friendship and love helped him get through. Also, ways to cope with issues. I hope that this helps someone in a tough time. 


Call 1-800-273-8255


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Black Nerds Ranting: Zod’s Snappable Neck

June 13, 2018

Old Man Wade and Supa Woke Javi talk nerd S***! On this episode, we specifilly big up DC Comics. There is so much DC Comics hate that we decide to discuss all the things that they are doing better than Marvel. BUT, we then get into Marvel Comics' movie villains. Which ones are great and which ones are bad. Enjoy the return of Black Nerds Ranting! Enjoy!


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There’s no Testimony without a Test

June 4, 2018

Old Man Wade Show's 50 EPISODE! After a reading of poem written by  Tachiwi from bajezen.blog,Old Man Wade, Supa Woke Javi, Mrs. Old Man Wade, Mrs. Supa Woke, Manda, and Carmen talk about people saying it's selfish to not have kids, having expectations as an adult, motivating others, realistic expectations, and so much more. 

Thank all of you for downloading the Old Man Wade Show through 50 episodes. Cheers to 50 more.


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Craigslist Street Cred

May 30, 2018

Just Greg and one half of The Hangaz, BattleAxe joins Old Man Wade to talk Hip Hop. Nas and Jay-Z and how they differ in terms of styles, why people like them, how they influenced culture, and picking beats. We also briefly get into Kanye West, what's a classic album, and so much more. This episode is all about Hip Hop!

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Don’t be Bullied by your own Doubt

May 25, 2018

Old Man Wade and guest Will Dailey talk about his love for all music, tells stories about never giving up, why getting too wound up in politics can hurt you, and so much more. Part 1 was fun, part 2 is a lot deeper. Enjoy.


Find Will Dailey at: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX…UP5Y4hLXZbzUezxKF

Will'ss new album Golden Walker comes out June 1st. Songs Bad Behavior and It already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now are available wherever you by or stream music.

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Cobra Kai (and Nostalgia) Never Dies

May 23, 2018

Old Man Wade is joined by amazing musical artist Will Dailey to talk movies, TV, and nostalgia. Shockingly, Will gives Old Man Wade a reason to rewatch Mad Max: Furious Road with new eyes. This is part one of a two part series.


Find Will Dailey at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXbmpztSw2bUp6CvUP5Y4hLXZbzUezxKF

Will'ss new album Golden Walker comes out June 1st. Songs Bad Behavior and It already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now are available wherever you by or stream music.


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