With the material given

April 25, 2018

In the middle of watching Suicide Squad, Fletch and Old Man Wade decide to record an impromptu podcast about movies. They discuss the good bad movies like Waterworld and the ones that are just, well, awful. They also discuss the meaning in Black Panther and finish by tbreaking down a lot of classic 1980s action flicks. It's a fun ride. 

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The Ladies’ Lounge: Nah, Chill, B!

April 18, 2018
The Lady's are back. What's starts off as a conversation about women protecting themselves, quickly goes left. The ladies talk about bad and aggressive pick up lines, pegging (Google it), threesomes, and strippers.

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It’s Hard out here for a Blerd

April 11, 2018

Old Man Wade and Supa Woke Javi are joined by a VERY special guest. The founder of the Blerd Brigade; Frank Yeiger. He talks about his comic book Sword of the Free and the process of making it. We also talk about following our dreams, being a black nerd, starting the Blerd Brigade and a ton of things to motivate people to follow their passions. Even if you don't like comic books, you'll enjoy this one. 


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WrestleMania Preview and Picks!

April 6, 2018

Lovell Porter of Wrestle Zone joins Old Man Wade to share his WrestleMania 34 winners and losers. It's a fun show full of wrestling talk and jokes! Later, Duke of the Duke loves Rasslin' shares his picks and why Lovell is wrong as usual. 

You can find:

Lovell: http://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/author/lovell-porter

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The Customer Is (Not) Right

April 4, 2018

This whole episode is dedicated to the people of the service industry. How to tip, why to tip, terrible customers, how Old Man Wade MAY have purposely messed up a platter, and we end talking about strippers. We are loud and drinking!

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Nerds of a Feather

March 30, 2018

BONUS OLD MAN WADE PODCAST! Patsy the Angry Nerd from The Throwdown Thursday podcast joins Old Man Wade for some fun nerd talk. We discussed Avengers: Infinity War theories, the struggle of being a writer, trade stories about meeting some famous people, and more nerd stuff.

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The Dark Side of Dating: Herpes is Marriage

March 28, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Old Man Wade and return guest Jamie talk the rules of one night stands, how to avoid creeps when using online dating, the gift and curse of sending nudes, being free with what you want sexually, rim jobs and more. This episode is NOT for the easily offended.

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Infinity War…Kinda

March 23, 2018

Honesty, this has nothing to do with Infinity Wars. My guests just argue about the NCAA one and done rule, Lebron James VS Michael Jordan, and a LOT of Aaron Rogers being overrated or not. It's Infinity Wars because the fight never ends. 


50 Shades of Wade

March 21, 2018

After five minutes talking about "Big Baby" Glen Davis being an idiot, we dsicuss dating. What makes a good first date? What are some dos and don'ts? Also, one night stands and why it's smart to always leave their house if they have a sword.

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Everything Pre-Piss

February 28, 2018

Old Man Wade, Mrs. Old Man Wade, and Diddy Killmonger (writer at wrestlezone.com)begin talking about good and bad Hip-Hop. We then get into OJ Simpson (he's not black, he's OJ), and R. Kelly peeing on women. We end the show talking about Erykah Badu's interview on vulture.com. TELL A FRIEND AND RATE THIS POD! #DammitWade


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