Feeding the Negativity Machine: Trump VS Haiti

January 12, 2018

BONUS EPISODE!!!! Supa Woke Javi requested an impromptu show! We get passionate about Trump's racist and irresponsible comments about Africa and Haiti. But all is not bleak! We discuss why his negative comments can be used for good. Also, Oprah's amazing Academy Awards speech.


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The Ladies Lounge

January 10, 2018

Four great women of color (and for some reason Old Man Wade) discuss self love and keeping your cup full. Things get VERY deep after personal stories of tragedy to triumph are discussed. Also, we empty a few bottles of wine. 


Side Pieces Need Love Too

January 6, 2018

Ms HotSauce of the Henny and HotWings Podcast joins the show to talk relationships. Polygamy, polyamory, open relationships, and so much more! A fun and semi-raunchy show. ENJOY!

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Are Hos Winning?

January 3, 2018

This week, we ask a question as old as time! Are hos winning? What exactly does that mean? And, yes, men can be hos too! #DammitWade


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Whiskey And Banana Bread

December 27, 2017

Old Man Kenn and wife The Fabulous and Electric Lana are BACK! (4:50)Kenn tells a story about a Jesus VS Satan boxing and how it shaped views on religion. (12) Promo: mandatory.com/wrestlezone/author/lovell-porter. (16) Lana and Kenn tell the sweet and funny story of how they met. (40) Why relationships are work. (54) We talk about mixed race dating, not "Being black enough", and being proud of who you are. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think.


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Black Nerds Ranting: Marvel And Marriage

December 20, 2017

Old Man Wade and Supa Woke Javi nerd rant. We get into the gift and the curse of Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox properties. At the 30 minute mark, we talk about how we stay happy in in our marriages and how it takes work to have happy home. Tell a friend. #DammitWade


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Ocean Of Whores

December 13, 2017

Old Man Wade brings in guest and cousin Jamie to talk about what it's like to be single now, some dos and don'ts while setting up online dating profiles, and the struggle of trying to find a semi-normal person. Jamie also tells some rather weird stories about guys she's been on dates with. There are some very odd people out there.

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No Trick Zone: And Them Arms

December 6, 2017

The No Trick Zone Crew is back with part two of our attractive women series. Supa Woke Javi brings something new and amazing with his list and Diddy Triple D provides us with a list of his top ten Women of Wrestling. #DammitWade

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No Trick Zone: Bea Arthur’s Bow Tie Game

December 4, 2017

The No Trick Zone Crew (Old Man Wade, Diddy Triple D, Supa Woke, Javi, and Just Greg) discuss attractive women. Old Man Wade gives his top ten classic attractive women and Just Greg shares his top ten underrated and underappreciated. This is part one of a two part series. #DammitWade Do YOU have a top ten? Leave them in the comments


Religion, Fear, And Stupidity

November 29, 2017
Old Man Wade with guests Old Man Kenn (it's a thing) and his wife (The Fabulous and Electric Lana) talk religion, politics , and the stupidity of humanity.
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